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So this is my top 10 female YouTube vloggers

10. Tanya Burr


Recently, I mostly watched Tanya’s vlogmas on YouTube. Her Christmas vlogs are fun to watch because you can get to see what she does in her spare time on Christmas holiday.  Lots of my friends watch her YouTube videos and they absolutely loved it. One of my friends said she is funny and entertaining to watch.






I started to watch her YouTube videos about a year ago and I couldn’t remember the first YouTube video I watched from her.

She relates to so many young girls online especially teenagers. Millions of people watch her YouTube videos every day including her vlogs.



9. Zoe Sugg



I started to watch Zoella’s vlogs two days ago. This morning, I watched one of her vlogs when she went for a photo shoot in LA with Marcus Butler. While I was watching her vlog, I felt like I was there with them in LA (that’s the whole point of vlogging Tas).

One of my friends Met Zoella in London last year and she said she watched her youtube videos because she is a kind person who loves her subscribers dearly and how she is relatable to a lot of teenage girls.



Sadly, in one of her videos, she mentions her anxiety which is serious to everyone.

My other friend said, “she is funny, entertaining and makes good videos and her collab videos are hilarious!”.

My other friend also said…

“Zoella is a sweet and kind person who really cares about others and her fans; I would love to meet Zoella any day”.


8. Alisha Marie





I love to watch her YouTube videos especially her vlogs. I’ve watched one of her vlogs when she did a collaboration with Meredith Foster, Niki, and Gabi. Her vlogging channel brings so much joy because after school or when I am doing my revision at home, I can watch her vlogs on youtube.

She inspires many girls by how she brings happiness into her videos. She shows her subscribers behind the scenes of her videos for her main channel.

Alisha relates to teenage girls by how she has a life hack video to make girls lives easier.

She is a lovely person online. She gave an advice about how to do well on youtube which will help a lot of with her subscribers who are trying to become YouTubers themselves.


7. Sarocha B



When I first saw her YouTube video, I started to like her YouTube videos because she showed her makeup looks and outfits online. My favourite videos on her youtube channel are her makeup tutorials.


6. Nicki Demartino

image Niki doesn’t vlog that much but when she does, she shows behind the scenes footage of her and Gabi’s main channel. I’ve watched one of her vlogs when she dyed some parts of her hair purple.

5.Gabi Demartino


Gabi has her own vlogging channel called fancy vlogs by Gabi. She also shows her skin care routine and hauls and her youtube channel is very girly due to how she loves pink and vintage clothing from Tobi, nasty gal, and Chanel. My favourite YouTube video from Gabi’s youtube channel is me and my girls’ by Selena Gomez V squad cover because the video is fun to watch.

4. Eve Bennett

When I started to watch her youtube videos, I found her videos relatable because she is in year 11 going through her final GCSEs just like myself, also, she relates to a lot of teenage girls. The vlogs I’ve watched from her is her vlogmas videos. When I watched her last vlog, she showed some of her family members from her father’s and mother’s side of the family. She showed her Christmas presents on her main channel. Two of my friends watched her youtube videos and one of them said, “Eve Bennett is a genuine person who can relate to secondary school”.


My favourite video from her YouTube channel is how to smash your exams because I have my mock and real  GCSE exams coming up. My mock exams are coming up next week and my real exams are coming up soon.




3. Eva Gutowski



Her YouTube videos are funny and enjoyable to watch. Her vlogs are very interesting because she shows her subscribers what she’s doing when she is not doing her YouTube videos.


2. Britney Lee Saunders


Her videos are so funny and entertaining to watch because she is relatable to girls.  I follow her on snapchat and her stories are funny.


Her vlogs in Bali was interesting by how she showed her subscribers the place she stayed. My favourite video of her is her prank video with Jacko because I found the video really funny. She is one of my favourite YouTubers.



My Favourite Female vlogger this year is…

Carrie Hope Flecther


This is because she has a fun personality and how she cares for her subscribers like other YouTubers.

She is also Tom Fletcher from Mcfly’s little sister.

She wrote a book called all I know now which I have at home. Her book is relatable to teenage girls because she gives advice about what we are going through or gone through in our lives in school. She also talks about her childhood.



Thank you for reading my blog post on top 10 female YouTube vloggers.

Update: Thank you so much for reading this blog post. All of you make me smile when you comment or like my blog posts.

Make sure you have a lovely day and …


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