Blog Goals 2017

Hello readers,

Every year, I create a list of goals I want to achieve the rest of this year and the future.


My goal this year

  1. Blog frequently
  2. learn how to promote my blog posts properly
  3. Coming up with an interesting blog post
  4. Learn photography techniques
  5. Blog during my break time during an exam period
  6. Connect with other bloggers
  7. Read other bloggers blog posts and comment
  8. Never ever look at my blog stats
  9.  Accept an opportunity with a company, brand and other bloggers if you’re free
  10.  Learn new skills as a blogger
  11. Do giveaways
  12. Always balance blogging with school work

Lastly, help other bloggers or smaller YouTubers to achieve their goal.

Thank you for reading my blog post on my blog goals 2017. Hopefully, I can achieve the goals that I have listed the rest of this year or in the future.

Have a lovely week and…

Bye x.



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