About me

Hello, my name is Taiwo Ojeniyi known as the taslifestyle on Instagram. I began my lifestyle blog on 20th June 2015 and my Instagram account on 20th February 2015 when I was 14.

I was born on March 2nd, 2000 with my twin sister in Australia. When I was four years old, My Mum,  my siblings and I moved to England because of my Dad’s job and I stayed in England for 13 years.

I started blogging on blogger on 20th June 2015, you can read my old blog posts.

website: thetaslifestyle.blogspot.com

The reason I started blogging because I want to show what I love and express my ideas online. I also want to display my own outfits.

The reason I named my blog thetaslifestyle is because tas stands for my full name.

ta- stands for the first two letters of my name which is Taiwo.

s- stands for the first letter of my middle name which is Sharifah.


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